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Coastal Connecticut

The Connecticut Shoreline, running from West to East, from Greenwich to Stonington, comprises all of the state’s southern boarded along Long Island Sound. Along this magnificent coast there are plenty of charming New England towns, offering fabulous gastronomic experiences, water sports for both the  brave and the inexperienced, and fun and quirky shopping experiences.

Discover Coastal Connecticut

Clustered together yet distinct in character, the best Connecticut coastal towns are an attractive mix. As with neighboring Long Island Sound, where a churning of salt water and fresh water yields a unique ecosystem that supports diverse species, each shoreline community summons its own devotees with a singular swirl of culinary delights, breezy scenery, and waterside experiences.

The restful rhythm of gently sloshing Long Island Sound. The heart-palpitating sight of a glossy ibis in flight. The joy of finding the perfect read with the help of an actual human bookseller. Simple pleasures make Connecticut coastal towns truly special. Their throwback downtowns are as beloved as their beaches. Hammonasset Beach State Park — Connecticut’s largest sandy expanse — isn’t just a place to bury your sunscreened nose in that novel you selected at R.J. Julia. Stroll the boardwalk. Visit Meigs Point Nature Center. Hike or bike through the 460 marshy acres that are a haven for shorebirds and a heaven for birdwatchers, who flock to the Audubon Shop in town to gear up.

Browse through some of our most charming properties in Connecticut, including a mid-century cape cod charmer on the delightful town on Madison, and plan your next beach getaway. Bring your laptop so you can enjoy the sounds of waves gently combing the sandy shores, or take a late afternoon stroll through the most charming New England towns.

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